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In this page, you can find announcements about Dr. Beebe's research, including video releases, awards, news pieces, and talks, and latest publications.

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Dr. Beebe gave a talk at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI):
"Decoding the nonverbal language of babies"

On Friday, October 19, Dr. Beebe gave a talk about the the importance of nonverbal interactions between mothers and infants hosted by AEI. Following an introduction by AEI’s Katharine B. Stevens and First 5 California’s George Halvorson, Dr. Beebe presented her research that uses video microanalysis to observe and analyze mother-infant nonverbal interactions.

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Watch Dr. Beebe's Latest Documentary Film


Dr. Beebe's new documentary "Mother-Infant Communication: The Research of Dr. Beatrice Beebe" is now available on

Click here to watch it.

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Read Nolka T. Malberg's book review on The Mother-Infant Interaction Picture Book!


Dr. Nolka T. Malberg from Yale Child Study Center wrote a stunning review on The Mother-Infant Interaction Picture Book, a collaborative work of Drs. Beatrice Beebe, Phyllis Cohen, and Frank Lachmann. The review is published on Psychoanalytic Psychology.

Click here to read the abstract.

Check out Dr. Beebe's latest publication:
Family Nurture Intervention for Preterm Infants Facilitates Positive Mother–Infant Face-to-Face Engagement at 4 Months

Dr. Beebe and her collaborators' latest work got published by Developmental Psychology. The study examined the effectiveness of Family Nurture Intervention (FNI) for Preterm Infants, which was designed to overcome negative effects of maternal deprivation in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) through fostering mother–infant emotional connection.

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Dr. Carly Snyder interviewed with Dr. Beebe on her radio show:
"MD for Moms"

Dr. Carly Snyder, who is a physician in New York City specializing in reproductive psychiatry, invites various important researchers, specialists, and clinicians to her weekly radio show "MD for Moms". On her 50th show, she interviewed with Dr. Beebe to talk about her research on mother-infant communication and Mother-Infant Interaction Picture Book.

Click here to listen to the interview with Dr. Beebe.

Click here to check Dr. Snyder's radio/podcast website.

Newborn Baby

Read Dr. Helen Davey's post about Dr. Beebe's work: "The Deepest Bond: Our First Love"


Dr. Helen Davey, a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist in Los Angeles, wrote a blog post about Dr. Beebe's work: "The Deepest Bond: Our First Love"

Click here to read the post on Huffington Post Blog page.

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