Thank you for your interest in my publications. If you'd like to learn more about my journey with infant research and psychoanalysis, please follow  to read:

My Journey in Infant Research and Psychoanalysis: Microanalysis, a Social Microscope. Download.

Additionally, the following papers are foundational to my research: 

  • Rhythms of Dialogue in Infancy: Coordinated Timing in Development (2001) By: Jaffe, Beebe, Feldstein, Crown, & Jasnow. Download.

  • The Origins of 12-month Attachment: A Microanalysis of 4-month Mother–Infant Interaction (2010) By: Beebe, Jaffe, Markese, Buck, Chen, Cohen, Bahrick, L., Andrews, & Feldstein. Download.

  • A Systems View of Mother-Infant Face-to-Face Interaction (2016) By: Beebe, Messinger, Bahrick, Margolis, Buck, & Chen.  Download.

Please utilize this Appendix for necessary details on our microanalysis to assist you while reading my work:

For more specific interests, the papers section of my publications includes:  

- Mother- Infant treatment

- Vocal Rhythm (current)

Adult Treatment

- 9/11 research

- Early Daniel Stern Papers

- Jaffe & Feldstein papers (older)

Beatrice Beebe, PhD

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