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Thank you for your interest in my publications. If you'd like to learn more about my journey with infant research and psychoanalysis, please follow  to read:

My Journey in Infant Research and Psychoanalysis: Microanalysis, a Social Microscope. Download.

Additionally, the following papers are foundational to my research: 

  • Rhythms of Dialogue in Infancy: Coordinated Timing in Development (2001) By: Jaffe, Beebe, Feldstein, Crown, & Jasnow. Download.

  • The Origins of 12-month Attachment: A Microanalysis of 4-month Mother–Infant Interaction (2010) By: Beebe, Jaffe, Markese, Buck, Chen, Cohen, Bahrick, L., Andrews, & Feldstein. Download.

  • A Systems View of Mother-Infant Face-to-Face Interaction (2016) By: Beebe, Messinger, Bahrick, Margolis, Buck, & Chen.  Download.

Please utilize this Appendix or the tabs under the Publications section of the menu for necessary details on our microanalysis to assist you while reading my work.

For more specific interests, the papers section of my publications includes:  

- Mother- Infant treatment

- Vocal Rhythm (current)

Adult Treatment

- 9/11 research

- Early Daniel Stern Papers

- Jaffe & Feldstein papers (older)

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