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Vocal Rhythm

  • Jaffe, J., Beebe, B., Feldstein, S., Crown, C., & Jasnow, M. (2001). Rhythms of dialogue in infancy. Monograph Series of the Society for Research in Child Development, No. 264, Vol 66 (2). Download.

    • Reviews:​

    • ​Auerbach, J. S. (2004). [Review of the book Rhythms of dialogue in infancy, by J. Jaffe, B. Beebe, S. Feldstein, C. L. Crown, and M. D. Jasnow]. Psychologist- Psychoanalyst, 24(3), 58-60. Download.​​

  • Stern, D., Jaffe, J., Beebe, B., & Bennett, S. (1975). Vocalizing in unison and in alternation. Two modes of communication within the mother-infant dyad. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 263, 89-100. 

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